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Dear Homeowner…

Isn’t it remarkable how vital electricity is in our lives?

We rely on it for cooking, security, and communication. In fact, you probably wouldn’t be reading this without it!

When there’s a power outage, frustration mounts. Everything grinds to a halt, rendering phones and laptops useless without Wi-Fi.

Dining out becomes a necessity, and worries about your family’s safety creep in as security systems go offline.

Even navigating your own home at night becomes a challenge in the absence of lights.

Perhaps you’re fortunate enough not to be heavily impacted by load shedding. Instead, it’s your mounting electricity bill that’s causing you distress.

With electricity tariffs soaring by over 400%, you may find yourself forking thousands of Rands each month. It can feel like a penalty for achieving success – a financial burden that never seems to lift, because you’ll always need electricity.

Depending on an unreliable energy provider can be incredibly frustrating.

Will things ever change? The past decade doesn’t inspire much confidence

And that’s exactly why you’re reading this right now… You’re intrigued by the potential of a solar panel system.

Yet, despite your research, you’re uncertain about which system is the right fit for your home.

Questions plague your mind:

“What should my system power during load shedding?”

“Can I find a system that meets my needs without emptying my bank account?”

“Does investing in a solar panel system really lower my electricity bill?”

I can empathise because I’ve asked these questions too.

Making a decision, considering the costs, and navigating the myriad of options can feel overwhelming.

One thing is certain, though: you want the assurance of uninterrupted access to electricity.

Well, dear friend, your solution is at hand.

We are the company that will work closely with you to determine the ideal system for your home.

We’re committed to going the extra mile, even visiting your home before you pay us a cent to ensure you get the system you desire and require.

So, click the button below and let’s have a conversation about the perfect system for you.

“Eskom plans further electricity price hikes for South Africa. The group has indicated that it plans to ask for a further 15.07% increase in 2024 and a 10% increase in 2025.” - BusinessTech

Eskom tariffs have surged by a staggering 300% over the past decade. Hard to fathom, right?

On the flip side, our nation has reached a crucial juncture. Electricity generated from newly established wind and solar power plants costs a fraction – a remarkable 200% less – compared to Eskom’s coal-powered facilities, like Medupi and Kusile.

Nonetheless, we persist in relying on coal-generated electricity for our homes and businesses.

By transitioning to solar power, you gain the ability to shield yourself from the never-ending cycle of escalating electricity costs while making an environmentally conscious choice that benefits both your finances and our planet.

The time has come for you to decide. Will you continue to bear the brunt of perpetual price hikes, or will you embrace a greener alternative? The choice is yours.

Here’s my advice: Click the button below, and let’s get you started with our GroDev Solution

Choosing the best system for you...

The below options are a good indicator for the different types of systems you can install.
Prices will vary depending on your unique needs and set up.

Off-The-Grid Starter Pack

For R49 900

I’m thrilled to introduce you to our new starter pack: the Powerlynk X by Sunsynk Mobile.

It’s your perfect entry into the world of energy storage, designed to simplify the process and make it accessible to everyone for only R49 900 incl VAT.

It’s all about making energy storage affordable. The best part? You can upgrade over time to move fully off grid.

Here’s what makes this starter pack a game-changer:

Sunsynk Connect Platform: It’s at the heart of this system. This powerful tool lets you customise your setup for your unique needs. Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all solutions and hello to tailor-made energy.

All-in-One Package: When you get the Powerlynk, you’re getting everything you need in one box. No need to hunt for extra parts or tools – we’ve got you covered.

Plug and Play: We’ve made it as easy as it gets with built-in connection points for Load, Grid, CT, and Wi-Fi data logger ports.

Professional Installation: Rest easy knowing that as a Herholdt’s Trusted Installer, we’re experts in our field and will handle the installation for you, ensuring a smooth process and giving you confidence in your investment.

The Powerlynk X by Sunsynk Mobile isn’t just about simplicity; it’s also about elegance and innovation. We’re bringing the future of energy storage right to your doorstep.

So, are you ready to power your world with the Powerlynk X? Let’s chat and get you started on this exciting journey.

How we help you get a solar panel system that’s specifically designed to meet your needs

The process is really simple, and it can be broken down into 6 steps:
  • Step 1: Once you click on the button below, you’ll get the chance to complete a quiz where we ask you a few questions. This will only take 5 minutes.
  • Step 2: Once you’ve completed the quiz, we’ll call you as soon as possible so that we schedule a time for your free 60 minute virtual consultation. We’re quite fast with this, so expect the call soon!
  • Step 3: In your virtual consultation, we’ll speak about what type of system would be perfect for you. We’ll talk about your energy consumption, whether you want your system to be grid-tied or not, whether you want your system to have 1 main inverter or multiple mini inverters.. We’ll make sure we cover everything
  • Step 4: From here, it’s up to you. If you’re happy with the solution we’ve given you, then we’ll drive out to your home to do a free on-site consultation. By the time we’re done with that, we’ll know exactly where we’ll be installing the panels, where we’ll be putting the batteries, how we need to wire the system, etc. It’ll also be a great chance to meet me and my team!
  • Step 5: Once the on-site consultation is complete, we’ll present you with a personalised quote. This quote will be based on the type of system you want. If you want a lot of power, then the quote will include batteries and inverters that generate and distribute more power. If you’re looking to just start off the process of going completely off-the-grid, then the quote will reflect a decent starter pack. This is why our consultations come before the quote. We want to make sure that we’re giving you a solution that you want!
  • Step 6: If you’re happy with the quote, then all that’s left is for you to give us the green light to start installation. You don’t have to worry about getting the products first, because we have them! We’ll be able to get cracking with the job as soon as you’re on board

But maybe you already know that you’re working towards going off the grid, and you just need a starting point.

If that’s the case, then we can speak about the off-the-grid starter pack in our virtual consultation…

Who is GroDev?

In essence, we are a dedicated team with a mission to bring electricity to South Africans. But not just any electricity – we’re committed to providing electricity from renewable and sustainable sources.

Our array of services includes:

*General electrical installation and maintenance

*Solar power supply, installation, and maintenance

*Backup battery supply, installation, and maintenance

*Water heating solutions: Heat pump installation and conversions, solar geyser installation and conversions

The common thread among all these services is our unwavering commitment to ensuring you have uninterrupted access to electricity.

We are proud to have three seasoned experts leading teams of installers, assuring you that you are in capable hands. We firmly believe that delivering high-quality work is not a luxury but a necessity.

If we can’t meet your expectations for top-notch service, then we don’t deserve your hard-earned money.

Why you’ll really love GroDev’s solutions

I’ve mentioned it several times, and it remains our core principle: We design systems based on your specific needs.

We’re dead serious about this. That’s why we conduct consultations.

The system we install for you relies entirely on the information you provide.

A single miscalculation can throw the entire system out of sync, and we want to ensure that doesn’t happen.

Here’s something else crucial to understand: Your budget matters to us during these free consultations.

We’ll carefully dissect the system and find ways to fit it into your budget.

In fact, you might end up paying less for a solution, simply because you took the time to consult with us rather than just mindlessly requesting quotes from as many suppliers as possible.

If you think about it, that’s the true definition of tailor-made.

Ultimately, we acknowledge that our business benefits from the money we earn by installing a system for you.

But we firmly believe that the best businesses earn money by providing the most value.

That’s why we’re dedicated to delivering a solution that’s genuinely tailored to you. We don’t want you to feel like you’re being overcharged, nor do we want you to think you’ve been sold an unrealistic dream.

It will only take a few minutes for you to see that we’re truly committed to this promise.

So what are you waiting for?

Installing a Solar Panel System has changed the lives of these Homeowners:

Jan Van de Merwe recommends GroDev.

“Marvyn and his team were really great. Took the time to answer my questions, and haven’t had to call him to fix things!”

Simon Elson recommends GroDev.

I always wanted to find ways to cut down my electricity bill. GroDev’s solution took care of that

Nick James Lee Blackburg recommends GroDev.

Great service! Always willing to help. He even allowed me to pay less for a product just because he wanted to give me a good quote!

Is installing a Solar Panel System really worth it?

It’s a matter of honest assessment, really…

If you’re simply seeking a battery backup system for power outages, solar panels might not be the right solution.

And if you’re looking for a low-cost alternative, a solar panel system might not fit the bill either.

But even if you’re absolutely certain that a solar panel system is what you want, doubts can linger.

You might be concerned about the maintenance costs. Some may think that if the installation is costly, maintenance will be too.

However, the product and installation warranties often mean that all you need is routine check-ups to ensure the system is running smoothly.

Cleaning the panels can be as simple as letting the rain do the job. Certain components of the system won’t need replacement in your lifetime, making maintenance costs virtually nonexistent.

Perhaps you’re worried about whether there’ll be enough sunlight to generate electricity year-round.

The good news is that we live in one of the best climates for solar energy production worldwide.

South Africa enjoys ample sunshine for most of the year, unlike Europe and the Americas.

While there will be variations between summer and winter, the difference is quite minimal in our climate.

The financial commitment can be a major stumbling block. It’s perfectly understandable; this is a significant investment.

However, remember that our virtual and on-site consultations can help you determine if it’s a commitment worth making. With no obligations, you’re under no pressure to proceed if you’re not ready.

We meticulously consider every aspect when preparing your quote, including what you want your system to achieve, your energy consumption, and your budget.

We’ll provide you with a detailed breakdown of your potential savings by going solar and explain why we recommend specific batteries and inverters.

We’ll address any concerns you have to ensure you feel as comfortable as possible before making a final decision.

Now that you know exactly what we can offer, what’s your next move?

Will you persist in a life where consistent access to something as crucial as electricity remains uncertain?

Will you continue to jeopardize your job, your children’s education, or your home’s safety by relying on an unreliable energy source provider?

Or would you prefer to rely on a system that keeps things running, literally placing the power in your hands?

A system that allows you to have an electricity bill that doesn’t bother you, while significantly contributing to the environmental well-being of your children and grandchildren.

I think we both know the situation you’d rather be in.

Why else would you have read this far?

Click the button below and let’s chat further.

Choosing GroDev to install your solar panel system is risk-free

Since the virtual and on-site consultations are free, you don’t have to worry about paying just to get more information. But beyond that, we’re extremely confident that we’ll install a solar panel system that will make a major impact on your life.

The easiest way to see this impact is in the amount you’ll be paying for electricity. If your electricity bill doesn’t decrease by at least 50% after 3 months, we’ll pay your bill for the next 3 months! That’s how sure we are of the difference you’ll see.

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A quick disclaimer…

In order for us to give our customers the best possible service, there are only 20 virtual and on-site consultations that can be scheduled per month..

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