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Revov Battery

The REVOV LiFePO4 CAN bus enabled R100 is an energy storage Lithium Iron Phosphate battery using a superior 16 automotive-grade cell configuration, designed to withstand harsher conditions, extreme temperatures and with a higher energy density. A lithium-ion battery has a service lifespan of 15 to 25 years, depending on how it is used. 

A REVOV 2nd LiFe battery spends its first life powering 1800 cycles in electrical vehicles (EV). Its 2nd LiFe is perfect for static energy storage solutions, at a greatly reduced cost, compared to new LiFe batteries. REVOV 2nd LiFe batteries are environmentally responsible, reducing electronic waste and repurposing important materials. With a 5kWh capacity, you can start your DC backup system with one battery and then grow according to your usage requirements. Applicable with solar, wind or hybrid storage.

Key Features


REVOV Batteries (PTY) LTD:
10 years or 3 500 cycles at 1 cycle per day

DOD When used properly every day the R100 can be safely discharged to 100% of its rated 100Ah capacity. Battery life is shortened if it is discharged beyond its rated Ah capacity

BMS Monitors and Manages:

BMS Indicator Lights:


Designed Cycle Life - 7000+ cycles
Nominal Voltage - 51.2V
Nominal Capacity - 100Ah
Energy - 5.1kWh
Max Current - 100A
Recommended Recharge - 3 Hours at 40A
Boost / Absorption Voltage - 54.3V- 55.5V
Float Voltage - 54.0V- 54.5V
Suggested Discharge cut-off Voltage - 48V
Recommended Charging Current - 40A
Recommended Discharge Rate - 0.6C
Size: Length x Width x Height - 480mm x 420mm x 177mm
Weight - 42kg

Helping you take control of your electricity